EcoDesign - Think : Design : Create - Coming April 27

EcoDesign - Think : Design : Create - Coming April 27

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Date: April 27, 2018
Ages: 7-12
Location: Revel Academy, 1550 Laperriere Avenue - Suite 200, Ottawa ON, K1Z 7T2

The youth of today are going to have to solve some very challenging environmental and sustainability issues as they prepare to inherit the earth. In this day long workshop, campers dig into some gnarly problems and as a team design and build a city of the future that strives to address some these issues.

Environmental problems have no easy solutions, and in order to find a path through these complex problems, campers will utilize a design thinking and human-centered approach that will equip them with the tools necessary for creative problem solving.

After determining the direction they want to explore, teams will diverge and create pieces of the solution which when combined with the work of others will form an eco-city. From energy efficient houses, to green spaces, to renewable energy, to futuristic transportation, the possibilities are endless! 

This hands-on workshop keeps students active and challenged in a safe and inclusive environment.

Need more details? Take a look at our schedule for the day.