Who we are

Allison Burnett

Kyle Acres

Educational technology specialist with particular interest in constructivist, project-based approaches to learning. She believes that children learn best when they are allowed to actively explore areas of their own personal interest.

Technology has changed the way learners filter, encode, retain and retrieve knowledge today. As a result, educators have an obligation to find new ways to engage students in a meaningful way, and build relevant knowledge and competencies to set the stage for life long learning.

Allison believes a revolution in education is necessary. She's trying to do her part to help move the needle.

An educator with over 20 years experience in alternative learning environments. Kyle firmly believes that students learn best by doing, and this means students tackle open-ended problems where many solutions exist. Helping to unleash their creativity, Kyle works with students to build the skills needed to break large and unwieldy problems into smaller more approachable pieces which in turn provides pathways towards solutions.